Mirae Engineering Co., Ltd

Welcome to Mirae Engineering Co., Ltd.

We are developing high-temperature measurement sensor and electromagnetic pump to measure pressure, level and flow rate in process using conductive fluid. We manufacture and sell these high-temperature measurement sensors and devices in various companies and research institutes.

A philosophy for management

We create new values that MRE continues to pursue based on professional cooperation and cooperative work with colleagues in their fields.



Based on our professionalism and close cooperation with our colleagues in the field we are in, we create new value that MRE continues to pursue.

Welfare culture creation activity in company

We recognize that continual learning is an important requirement for the development of the company and the self-development of employees with a small number of employees at the beginning of the project, and help them participate in classes for self-development

We are constantly converging on discussions and needs for welfare benefits through the creation of a horizontal organizational culture among other employees.