Smart Factory Industry

(New and renewable energy, molten metal (salt), thermal power generation, nuclear power, environment, chemical process)

Mirae Engineering Co., Ltd. is specialized in high-temperature measurement and control system that produces molten metal (salt) and high-temperature thermal fluid element device for smart factory.

High Temperature Measurement (Sensor) Business

Manufacture of sensors measuring pressure, level, flow rate, etc. of high temperature conductive fluid process

High Temperature Pressure Transmitter
High Temperature Level Transducer
High temperature flow transducer
Other monitoring devices

Electromagnetic pump business

Manufacture of induction and conduction electromagnetic pump for circulation and transfer of high temperature conductive fluids

Induction electromagnetic pump
Conduction electromagnetic pump

High temperature valve and controller business

Manufacture of valve and controller for high-temperature conductive fluids

High temperature molten metal(salt) valve
AII-in-one controller for industrial valves based on AI

Electric panel and instrument control panel business

Manufacture of electric panel and instrument control panel of high-temperature measurement and control system

Inverter for induction electromagnetic pump
High current direct current(DC) supply system for conduction electromagnetic pump
Central control panel and its equipment

High-temperature equipment business

Engineering and design of high-temperature equipment, engineering business

High-temperature and high-pressure valve for molten metals and molten salts
Electric heater